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About TFA

TADBIR VA FAN-E ASIA CONSULTING ENGINEERS (TFA) was founded on (Aug . , 03, 2002) by a group of intellectual experts in oil, gas, petrochemical and industrial plants.

The main objective of the Company is to render services in collaboration with all aspects of the above-mentioned industries in accordance to the relevant standards and regulations.

We at TFA believe that the most important asset of any organization is the quality of human resources. Therefore, by selectively gathering these individuals in a unique environment, we are optimistic to play an effective role in promoting the projects to the highest levels in every aspect imaginable.

As an engineering company, the excellence of the integrated work force that through its experience, knowledge and management can secure the complete satisfaction of clients is our most important objective.

TFA is proud to offer comprehensive consulting services to major clients and end users. The Company is based on quality management philosophy and this quality should be propagated in national and international environment to facilitate the highest level of engineering services.

TFA is a member of ISCE(Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers) and has been certified by Management and Planning organization in the field of Oil,Gas & Petrochemical industries(Grade 1).