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  1. Feasibility study

  2. Conceptual study and Design

  3. Basic engineering

  4. Detail engineering

  5. Tender documents preparation


  1. Feasibility study

  • Survey of the existing facilities including utilities and other needs of the project
  • Environmental impact study
  • Conceptual report including proposed technology, producing PFDs and materials and energy balance tables
  • Conceptual design in different engineering disciplines and operational safety
  • Economical evaluation


  2. Conceptual Studies and Design

  • Surveys, analysis and selection of suitable process design by emphasis on the following fields:
    • Final product quantity and quality
    • Effectiveness
    • Execution time
    • Utilities
    • Automation grade
    • Operation method, etc.


  3. Basic Engineering

  • Preparing PFDs, process description, material and energy balance tables and list of specifications of the main equipment
  • P & ID and UFD drawings
  • Process safety study and HAZOP study
  • Hazardous area classification
  • Specification and data sheets for mechanical and electrical equipment and instruments
  • Plot plan
  • Producing piping material specification, Line lists and other specifications for design and operation
  • Piping and equipment insulation and painting design specification
  • Drawing documentation and data for electrical basic engineering
  • Special specification for mechanical, electrical and instrumentation
  • Standard drawings for relevant discipline


  4. Detail engineering


  • Final PFD, P&ID, UFD drawing according to vendor’s information and other modifications as safety valve inlet / outlet sizing etc.
  • Final MSB document.
  • Final cause & effect diagram.
  • Final battery limit list .
  • Final data sheets for mechanical equipment and instruments.
  • Final process description .
  • Operation and maintenance manuals for commissioning and start up .
  • Process related procurement services.
  • Evaluation of detail design modification in conformity with process
  • Project support and documents review and checking .


  • Checking of basic design documents, technical specification, international codes and mechanical equipment standards
  • Calculation of mechanical strength for static equipment including towers , vessels , heat exchanger , cylindrical and spherical tanks according to relevant codes and standards
  • Drawing and documents for equipment manufacturing including general arrangement, welding procedures, inspection procedure, etc.Procurement engineering services including purchasing documents, technical evaluation of vendor’s proposal and coordination for optimizing the mechanical desig.
  •  Inspection of equipment manufacturing
  • Supervision of equipment manufacturing schedule


  • Units 3D models including structures, foundations, equipment and installations
  • Piping plans for under-ground and above ground
  • Isometric Drawing of piping segments
  • Piping stress analysis and related technical coordination
  • Piping material list , purchase orders and related procurement services
  • Piping supports drawing and material list
  • Fabrication and erection standards for piping systems

Civil, Structural, Architectural and HVAC

  • Piling drawing and documents
  • Load assignment to foundation and supports of equipment and installations.
  • Design of foundation and structures and preparing detailed drawings.
  • Design of roads paving, and other areas, drainage systems and preparing detail drawings.
  • Design of underground piping and detailed drawings
  • Buildings , design and detailed drawings
  • Equipment specifications for HVAC, fire alarm and fire fighting in buildings.
  • Calculation book for structural design.
  •  Technical specification for civil and structural works.
  • B.O.Q for civil, structure and HVAC Systems.
  • Equipment purchase orders for buildings, HVAC and structure.
  • Technical evaluation of proposals and manufacturing inspection of related equipment.


  • Basic documents review, detail design and construction supervision of H.V/M.V Power transmission Lines.
  • Basic document review, detail design and construction supervision of H.V/M.V substations.
  • Basic document review, detail design and construction supervision for domestic and industrial power distribution networks.
  • Basic document review, detail design and construction supervision for M.V./L.V. systems including cabling, MCC, fire alarm, communication systems, lighting and earthing, cathodic protection, battery charger, ups and diesel generator.
  • Optimization of power distribution systems.
  • Design of control & monitoring system for electrical distribution networks (Power Management System).
  • Procurement engineering for electrical equipment and materials.

Instrumentation and control

  • Technical specification for instrument cables, control systems, general instrumentation, safety valves, and bulk materials.
  • Instrument layout drawing, junction boxes and panel drawings.
  • Process and air piping hook – up for instruments.
  • Standard installation details for instrument.
  • Instrument cable routes and cable index.
  • Instrument index.
  • Instrument calculation notes.
  • Architectural and wiring drawings for control systems.
  • Control loop and logic diagrams.
  • M.T.O. for instrumentation.
  • Inquiry formats for control and instrumentation.
  • Review, clarification and technical / financial proposal evaluation.
  • Inspection and expediting of instruments and control system manufacturing.