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  • Procurement Engineering

Preparing Material Requisition & Raising Inquiry
Requisition is raised in relevant technical department according to MTO.
Then accordingly we selected well known approved Vendors, and send them our inquiry.
Receipt of Quotations & Technical Evaluation
Accordingly we proceed receipt of quotations from the vendors and making coordination with our Eng. Department to do evaluation of the quotations, in this respect Technical clarification will be done with vendor and client, if required.

  • Procurement services

Commercial Evaluation & Raising Protocol & Issuing Purchase Order.
After fulfillment of Technical Evaluation, commercial Evaluation will be done (sometimes with attendance of engaged parties). Then making coordination with vendor and relevant parties protocol prepared based on Technical & commercial terms and conditions, then it will be signed by the parties.
then for legalization of the work , purchase order issued and signed by relevant parties.

  • Procurement inspection

Proceeding Of Fabrication, Inspection and Delivery Of The Goods
Accordingly Fabrication will be started and Drawings will be raised, send to us for approval and/or comment. Then according to ITP inspection of the goods will be done, in this way, vendor keeps us informed about testing and inspection date earlier by sending application for inspection, then coordination will be made with client and third party inspector for doing inspection of the goods, then after completion of inspection and good result receipt, release note will be raised by Third Party Inspector and then goods will be ready for shipment.

As well after fulfillment of shipment relevant delivery documents based on L/C & contract condition invoices will be raised for collection of payment from client.

    • Procurement financial, Custom clearance and banking services